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A popular modern astrological theory is that there are seven distinct types of birth chart. The theory is that the ‘shape’ of the distribution of the planets in the chart indicates the nature of the individual.

The Bundle
The Bundle is the rarest grouping and occurs when all the planets fall within several consecutive signs. It is associated with specialization and a general narrowness of outlook. Bundle people are usually VERY good in a particular field.

The See-Saw
The See-Saw occurs when half the planets are opposite the other half. This grouping is associated with people who are able to consider the opposing views of almost any situation. See-Saw people should be encouraged to be decision-makers.

The Locomotive
The Locomotive is so named because the planets are almost equally spaced around the chart. This harmonious grouping bestows balance and an unusual amount of energy and drive. Locomotive people can generally take on any task successfully.

The Splash
The Splash occurs when the planets are spread over nine or ten signs of the chart. This broad grouping reflects the individual's considerable range of interests. Splash people tend to know a little bit about everything and can tend to scatter their energy.

The Bucket
The Bucket will be seen when nine planets are grouped in one half of the chart and one planet, which is called a Singleton, is in the other. Bucket people are risk-takers and need to be successful. They will tend to focus their energy in one direction.

The Splay
The Splay is quite rare and is the grouping of the individualist. It occurs when three specific groupings of planets form one or more Grand Trines. Splay people are easily bored and do not fit well into environments of strict discipline and routine.

The Bowl
The Bowl grouping occurs when all the planets occupy one half of the chart. The configuration is more influential if the Bowl is below or above the Ascendant. Bowl people take in all around them and trust their feelings. They do not tend to rely on others.

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